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Olympic World
an efgProject™

The Project

This efgProject™ is designed to bring "Life 2 Learning."  It features fourteen lessons that are integrated with the skills necessary for life and work in the 21st Century. The subjects and content areas represent the way the world works.  Each of the Portfolio tasks aligns with the content standards that are required in each state.  When you complete these integrated lessons you will understand how the skills that you are using in school apply to real life and will be used for the rest of your life.

Lessons in this Project

  1. History of the Olympic Games
  2. Carrying the Torch
  3. Olympic Sports
  4. Olympic Symbols
  5. Olympic Athletes and Heroes
  6. World Cultures & Governments
  7. Health & Fitness
  8. Olympic Cities
  9. Technology & the Olympic Games
  10. Weather and the Olympic Games
  11. Architecture and the Olympic Games
  12. World Travel
  13. Olympic Advertising and Sponsors
  14. Olympic Economics


You may approach this learning in many different ways.
  • You may want to answer all of the questions and complete all of the efgPortfolio tasks in each lesson.
  • You may want to concentrate on one subject in each of the lessons.
  • You may want to select the lesson based upon your classroom content or an article about the lesson in the newspaper.
  • You may find information on the Internet that provides the necessary research for a Lesson.
  • Some lessons may take a longer amount of time based upon the amount of content or your interest in the topic.
  • EFG recommends that you complete all fourteen of the lessons and create a digital portfolio of your work that can be shared with others.
  • efgProjects are adaptable for all grades K-8 and skill levels. Once you are familiar with the lesson template you will see how easy it is to modify or create your own lessons.

Project Suggestions

  • Buy or create a large world map that can be used to record geographic data
  • Create a world map on your computer to record geographic data
  • Watch for articles about the Olympic Games in newspapers and magazines
  • Find appropriate World Wide Web sties for research
  • Interview an Olympic athlete
  • Partner with the local/global community
  • Conduct an Olympic Games at your school or community park
  • See picture of an implementation at San Onofre School at Camp Pendleton.

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